About Viva-Loca

My journey to opening a plastic-free store began a few years ago when I opened my beach cafe. My aim was to sell plastic free products, preferably in compostable packaging. This was a slow and frustrating process but In 2020, I finally reached that milestone. Although we still have some way to go in sourcing certain foodstuffs, it was still a wonderful feeling.

Because of the time consuming research, navigating around greenwashing and the frustration and difficulty in purchasing plastic-free products easily, the idea was born to open a store. To inspire and support people who are also aiming to reduce their plastic footprint and who want to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

We also aim to promote and support some amazing, ethical small businesses. Our aim is to be transparent in our business so that you have confidence in what you are buying. Each of our products will state their ingredients, their packaging material and their origin.

The vast majority of products on this site are plastic-free, the few products that aren’t only use minimal PET plastic as a last resort until they can source a viable alternative.

As a new business, we will be constantly evolving and adding to our range. If there is something you are searching for that we don’t currently stock, please get in touch and we will do what we can. We love the products we sell and would love to hear your feedback. If you have a business that makes products that you think would compliment our range please get in touch.

Join us on our journey to make a difference!


We ship in cardboard boxes that are made of recycled materials and in turn can be re-used, composted or recycled again. The paper is recycled and the packing peanuts are eco friendly, made from corn starch and are compostable. We use a paper tape that is plastic free and can be recycled or composted and our postage labels are printed on recycled paper.